Please note that application submittal is no guarantee for Membership. Please make sure that all information is enclosed, as all incomplete inquiries will be returned and will not be considered. Please allow 45 days after your application has been submitted for confirmation of your documents and property status.

Property Information

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Address 2:

City, ST:
Seattle, WA

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Number of Guest Rooms:

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Department Information

 Does the property have a Concierge department? 
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How long has the desk been in operation?

Where is the Concierge desk located?

Is there signage in the lobby and does the desk state "Concierge"?

 Actual job title:

What are the duties as prescribed by this property?

Who does the Chef Concierge report to?

Who handles the duties of the Concierge in their absence?

Staff / Operational Information

How many Concierges does this property staff?

Please list the names of the Concierge on staff:

The hours of the Concierge desk:

Does the Concierge perform any other duties than Concierge?

Is the Concierge desk open all year with at least one full time Concierge?


Why would this property like to belong to the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association?

How could your desk contribute to this organization once voted in?

Is your property committed to support the Concierge department as a profession?