Please note that application submittal is not a guarantee of membership. Please make sure that all information is enclosed, as all incomplete inquiries will be returned and will not be considered. Please allow 45 days after your application has been submitted for confirmation of your documents and property status.

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Chef Concierge

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Property Information

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 Is your property currently a member of the SHCA?
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Are there any other concierges at your desk that are currently members of the SHCA?
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If yes, please list the members.


Why would you like to belong to the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association?

How could you contribute to this organization once voted in?

Would you be willing to commit to attending the required number of monthly business meetings or SHCA sponsored events, as required in our by-laws?
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Would you be interested in spending time outside your daily job duties to attend functions and receptions intended for Concierges?
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Is your property committed to support you and your endeavors as a member of the SHCA?
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Have you read and are you willing to abide by all other requirements of the by-laws of the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association?
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How long have you been employed at your current hotel Concierge position?

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*Your sponsor must be a current member of the Seattle Hotel Concierge Association, and in good standing. He or She must write a letter stating why they believe you should be considered for membership in the SHCA.